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I'm Jeeda.



I design with words. I'm a senior content designer and UX leader who is deeply passionate about creating meaningful user experiences. My approach is anchored in logic and empathy, seamlessly connecting products and users through simple and delightful journeys.


Senior Content Designer at Shopify. UX Writer and Content Strategist at TELUS Digital. Freelance Copywriter. Account Manager at Yahoo Canada. Media Buyer and Digital Strategist at Universal McCann. See my full journey here.


I work cross-functionally with product teams to enhance user experiences. I apply systems-thinking and strategy to build meaningful customer and user experiences that drive business results.  

  • Information architecture, taxonomy and navigation

  • UX writing

  • Content modelling 

  • Accessibility

  • Content auditing and governance

  • User testing

  • Inclusive language and experiences

  • Conversion flows: sign-ups, forms, purchases, etc.

  • Empty states

  • Error messages

  • Journey mapping

  • Onboarding

  • Notifications, tooltips, banners, and alerts

  • Product interfaces

  • Naming

  • Voice and tone guidelines

  • Style guides and terminology

  • Localization and internationalization 


I’m a native English and Arabic speaker, and have experience using LLMs and Generative AI, Figma, GitHub, Confluence, Contentful, Jira, and DOMO.


Email -

Tel - +1 416 838 2264

Jeeda's exceptional skills as a content designer make her a valuable addition to any team. She consistently demonstrated her ability to think beyond the immediate task at hand, taking a holistic approach to problem-solving that always considered the broader systems and principles in play. She tirelessly worked on, and thought about, how to frame the work we were doing into something other teams could utilize and run with on their own.

Her keen attention to detail was especially evident in the thoughtful questions she posed, which helped uncover and address complex challenges. She exhibited remarkable versatility, working seamlessly across disciplines to continue growing her skills in content, information architecture, and hierarchy. She was also developing her visual acumen to convey ideas with greater impact.

Jeeda's dedication, creativity, and cross-functional expertise make her an invaluable asset to any team and project lucky enough to have her."

Anna Borg, Staff Product Designer

Jeeda is a senior content designer who ignores boundaries. She's a big-picture thinker who cares about the details, and she's constantly experimenting with visual design and development tools. She’s also one of those people who multiplies the quality and output of the team around her, asking the right questions, demystifying concepts, and leaving people with fresh new perspectives to consider. She'd be a major asset to any team that hires her."

Elizabeth McGuane, UX Director; Author

I had the pleasure of working closely with Jeeda for just over a year at Shopify, and I can confidently say that she is one of the most exceptional Senior Content Designers I have ever had the privilege to work with. As a Staff Product Designer, I have collaborated with numerous professionals in this field, but Jeeda's unique combination of skills, attitude, and work ethic truly sets her apart.

From the outset, Jeeda demonstrated a profound ability to ask insightful questions that went beyond the surface level. This innate curiosity enabled her to identify broader problems and devise innovative solutions that significantly elevated the quality of our work. Jeeda's talent for creating compelling visualizations helped us communicate complex ideas and concepts with clarity, ensuring a seamless understanding amongst our team and stakeholders.

Jeeda's exceptional strength in creating concise and impactful UI content allowed her to thrive in complex problem spaces, particularly when focusing on IA and taxonomy. Her stand-out capacity to "connect the dots" and find patterns across projects consistently drove consistency and coherence throughout our work.

One of the most striking aspects of working with Jeeda was her ability to collaborate effectively with everyone around her. She not only offered fresh eyes, ideas, and advice but also energized and provided new perspectives on the problems we were tackling. It is rare to find someone as kind, collaborative, and dedicated to the growth of others as Jeeda.

Moreover, Jeeda's skill set goes far beyond her job description. She constantly experimented with and mastered new tools like Figma, FigJam, and GitHub, showcasing her adaptability and eagerness to expand her knowledge. Her seamless ability to work across disciplines and teams made her an invaluable asset to our organization.

Although Jeeda excels as a Senior Content Designer, I have no doubt that she would also make an extraordinary Product Designer should she choose to explore that path in the future. Her passion for design, coupled with her outstanding abilities, make her a prime candidate for any design-related role.

In summary, I wholeheartedly recommend Jeeda as a Senior Content Designer or any design-related position. She is an exceptional professional, and I am confident that she will make a lasting impact in any organization she joins.

Steven Neff, Staff Designer
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